360 Anglerfish Advanced HoneypotAnglerfish is our take for advanced honeypot, and it is one of the major systemsthat is behind our botnet research.
Intelligence Collection
Intelligence Delivery
Poc Arsenal
Advanced Threat Hunting
Full port simulate Vulnerability Fuzzing
Product advantages
Comprehensive Simulation
Simulate 60+ application protocols and programs such including Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet, and 300+ vulnerabilities, and the ability of Detecting unknown threat attacks based on behavioral models
Rich output contents
A rich set of content can be exported automatically
Threat Analysis
Uncovering new threats such as new botnet, IoT vulnerability, as well as 0-day/1-day/nday exploits
Asset monitoring
View details of all attack activity based on the company's Autonomous System Number (ASN) or netblocks. Security admins can use this information to check and deal with related equipment, and block relevant suspicious accounts.
Advanced threat discovery
Users can discover 0-day vulnerabilities from unknown scans and attacks with the the help of the system’s powerful protocol, program and vulnerability simulation capabilities.
Cyberspace Intelligence Tracking
Provide attack source IP and specific geographical distribution, attack trends, attack ports and protocols, vulnerability exploits, malicious samples and other multidimensional information to gain the insights of the latest network attack events.
Latest research